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The “Salt Stones”, coming directly from the Himalaya mountains for healthy, innovative cooking.


Piastre dello Chef (Chef ‘s Stones) are a brand new, ideal tool for preparing dishes that create unique...

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The “Salt Stones”, coming directly from the Himalaya mountains for healthy, innovative cooking.


Piastre dello Chef (Chef ‘s Stones) are a brand new, ideal tool for preparing dishes that create unique feelings, giving you a true “sensorial experience”. These innovative stones possess the life principles of an unpolluted sea, completely disrupting the previous way of living the cooking experience.


Piastre dello Chef not only serve as cooking tools, but can also become perfect seasoners or “taste inductors” (as defined by the Chef Davide Oldani with a typical cooking neologism) able to transfer into the food the properties of a prehistoric sea, making every dish unique; this is an ideal solution if you love healthy, natural cooking but do not want to give up taste and creativity.


These stones, entirely made of pink salt stones coming from the slopes of the Himalaya mountains, are dug out from inside the mines of Kewra in the northern area of Pakistani Punjab and originate from a prehistoric sea that dried up over 250 million years ago.


This salt is totally pure and, thanks to noble trace elements and eighty different minerals, it is a precious cooking ingredient.




Today Piastre dello Chef give rise to a new frontier in the gastronomic sector, creating an innovative way of cooking, where the hot stone gives taste and softness to the food without need for using other seasonings.


International chefs such as Heinz Beck (La Pergola del Cavalieri Hilton - Rome) and Alfonso Iaccarino (Don Alfonso 1890 - S. Agata dei Due Golfi) have included the pink salt stones in their prestigious menus.


If you want to test these new cooking tools, try and prepare a fish fillet and put it in the oven on a pink salt stone at a temperature of 140 °C . No seasoning at all, just a drop of extra-virgin olive oil before serving the dish and nothing else. You will be surprised by the softness and delicate flavor and, if you want to make an impression on the most demanding gourmet, this is also a new way of serving sushi, raw fish or thinly-cut meat; Piastre dello Chef turn from cooking tools into original serving dishes with no need of adding salt!


How to use it:


The salt stone can be used in many different ways. Below are some examples:

  1. serving dish: to serve starters, vegetables, meat, cheese and other foods on;
  2. serving dish to serve cold courses: put the pink salt plate into the freezer for about 10 minutes. Take the stone out of the freezer, place it on a dish and put sushi, meat carpaccio, fish carpaccio, canapé and also cakes, semifreddo and fresh fruit on it;
  3. to keep food warm: leave your stone in the oven for about 20/25 minutes at a temperature of 60°C. Once you take the stone out of the oven, it will allow you to serve any course already cooked, maintaining the temperature;
  4. to cook at the table: set the oven at a temperature of 250°C, place your stone on the central grill and wait for about one hour for it to reach the right temperature and cook the food directly at the table;
  5. to cook in the oven: if you want to cook something in the oven, the most suitable food is fish in this case. Put the fish fillets on the stone and cook for a maximum of 20/25 minutes at a temperature no higher than 150 °C;
  6. gas flame cooking: put the stone into a non-stick pan or directly on the flame (low flame) and in this latter case it is advisable to use also a cooking grid. Then cook your food, using neither salt nor seasoning.

NB: cooking times and temperatures are only suggestions to be changed according to your personal taste and to the type of food you are cooking.


Precautions for use:

  • heat up the stone slowly before using it to avoid thermal shocks that could break it;
  • do not put frozen food on the hot stone;
  • do not put the stone directly in contact with the gas flame.

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