Bisetti Verona LIght Blue Lacquered Wood Salt Mill 13 cm or 5.13 Inch With Adjustable Ceramic Blade

<b>Are you looking for a high quality line salt and pepper mill? ?</b><br><br>Be assured that your search is over now....
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<b>Are you looking for a high quality line salt and pepper mill? ?</b><br><br>Be assured that your search is over now. Bisetti mills are made with the highest quality materials. <br><br><ul><li><b>Made in Italy </b> - Artisan woodturning, typical of the Strona Valley and the towns nestled along the northern shores of Lake Orta, has its roots in a centuries-old tradition. In the 19th century, the adoption of hydraulic systems and turning machinery gave way to a production that has evolved with time while remaining loyal to its artisan origins. In the fulcrum of this tradition, Bisetti’s business was born. Born in 1945, Bisetti is today one of the few remaining businesses that continue to produce household products in turned wood. Bisetti’s production is carried out by marrying the wisdom and mastery of traditional artisanship with the most modern tools. The products are completely manufactured at the business site. Bisetti has never moved production to the Far East, nor will it in the future, in order to guarantee and maintain the high quality and “Made in Italy” characteristic of its products.The use of FSC timber ensures the protection of the world's forest resources respecting the people and the environment. Bisetti supports the correct management of our forests for a better future. </li><br><li><b>Mill Specifics: </b> - This 13-cm or 5.12 inch mills is made of high quality lacquered beech wood making it a durable mill to last for years. The pepper mill grinder is made of carbon steel. </li></ul><br><b>Order Today By Clicking On Add To Cart!!

  • The mechanism of Bisetti’s salt mill is made of high resistance ceramics. All the metal components are made of stainless steel and aluminum in order to resist to corrosion.
  • Durable- This mill is made from high quality European beech wood which is known for it's hardness, wear-resistance and strength
  • Environmentally Friendly– The use of FCS wood ensures the protection of worldwide forest resources.
  • Made in Italy- Each product is entirely produced in Bisett’s facility in order to guarantee the highest quality control. The production has not been and will not be moved to the Far East to maintain their standards that distinguishes them as “Made in Italy” products.

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