Olympia Supreme 9.5 Inch / 24 cm Non-Stick PFOA-Free Die-Cast Aluminum Deep Frying Pan

Are you looking for a high quality line of cookware? Be assured that...

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Are you looking for a high quality line of cookware? Be assured that your search is over now. Here is the quality cookware you have been looking for. Olympia is an Italian company in the province of Bescia producing household items for 3 generations. Their mission is to produce innovative, high quality, environmentally and health-friendly products made 100% in Italy. Olympia cookware is made with die cast aluminum. What is die cast aluminum? Die cast aluminum is a kind of aluminum wherein metals are molted under high pressure in the mold cavities. In the die casting process, the metals are hardened and the desired shapes are produced. The benefit of die cast aluminum is that it is light weight, durable, scratch resistant, great heat conductivity as well as recyclable. The Supreme line is an elegant collection of frying pans, casseroles, grill pans produced with multi -layer non- stick coating reinforced with titanium providing you a non- stick surface with is resistant to abrasion.

  • Quality – This line of cookware consists of 7 layers that includes die-cast aluminum and multi-layers of non-stick coating reinforced with titanium. These layers provide you a non-stick, high abrasion resistance surface to cook on.
  • ECO-Friendly – Olympia only uses raw material certified according to European regulations. This die-cast technology allows heat to distribute evenly to the bottom of the pan quickly providing you with energy savings. All of their products are PFOA Free and nickel free.
  • Healthy Cooking – Unlike ordinary aluminum cookware this frying pan is coated with a PFOA free coating making it unnecessary to use fats.
  • Pan specifics: 24 cm or 9.5 Inch deep fry pan. 3 L capacity. Bottom thickness: 6.5mm with anti slip bottom. Made 100% in Italy

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